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It’s really sad when a best friend of 11years turn their back on you for someone else


Hey guys, this little angel lives in my area and just went through her first round of chemo without her mom by her side because she’s pregnant and can’t be around the radiation. This angel isn’t doing so well so I’m asking to please pray for her. Please reblog to spread this around to get more prayers from everybody. The power of prayer is amazing. Thanks.


i temporarily fall in love with like any guy thats nice to me at all like the checkout guy at CVS told me to “stay dry” this morning bc it was raining and i thought about him for like 2 hours after that 

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Monica - Angel of Mine

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19. June 2014

Tell you what is going to happen in the next 24 hours:
- uncle andy = is gunna go get more drugs , not make it to work , it will be another child he let’s down , therefore another cousin he’s let me get close to before he renches it away with stupid decisions ( that’s 3/4 keep it up.

- uncle kev = is gonna do the drugs offered to him lose his 6th Job this month, he’s gonna start using cocain regularly again , ruin his life and wealth.

- Mum and Dad = say now its all fine , but tommorrow gonna wake up with a hangover , forget the social worker is coming round, make me tidy the whole house and cook dinner for 7 people , not be able to drive my foster sister anywhere ( considering her father died today , she’ll need a ride to visit family tomorrow) then have the fucking cheek to ask me why I’m depressed , anxious and suicidal all the fucking time !!!!